Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Safe Search Enforcement

What is Safe Search

Safe Search refers to that when you search pictures or videos with a search engine, the search engine only returns to you kids-friendly or family-friendly images. No porn or inappropriate images or videos should be returned.

Safe Search is a must-to-have for all kids that have access to Internet. Without safe search, a simply search of "Playboy" at will return numerous inappropriate images, even if you have porn filter installed on your computer or network, because Google is serving these images, and most of us would not block access to

Safe search is supported on all popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, and Youtube.

Safe Search's problem

Safe Search is a very good tool. However, it has one major issue: it can be turned off easily, with just a click of mouse on the browser.

How eSafekids helps

With eSafekids installed, Safe Search is always turned on when someone searches with the four popular search engines mentioned above. Children cannot turn off Safe Search from their browsers.

We hope this this little feature provides parents with some additional peace-of-mind.

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